Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Peeling Off Another Layer..

Nostalgia is an incurable disease.
It is been created to kill someone who is used to turn back and stand still.
Watching the colour of memory fading away.
When you got the idea of how fast the speed of time is,
you will know how cruel memory is torturing you.
22 years, peeling layers and layers, of gift paper.
Pathetically, I will never know what is in the box until the last minute before i die.
Let' see what the gift is...
of my life...
Perhaps not Nostalgia...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Kid Tung Mak Mak Na..

City of Desires.
A humorous guy.

Sorry Friz, i stood you up.

22 hours on train.

The movement outside the window reminded me of the speed of time.

Old enough.


I might be like him one day.

Bad weather.


The one i like the most among all.

You will get this.



Guess she was posing for me.


Only in Bangkok.

What wish have you made?

Who i was with?


On a tuk tuk.

Remember what happened under the table?

Thanks. I love this place.