Monday, March 20, 2006

The Colourful Bead - Koh Samui

A shop on a street at Chaweng, selling those colourful light balls. It drives me crazy, since i like colourful objects, especially when it is untidy.

Some boards by the beach near the jetty. Understanding of the message is not going to be the most important thing, since i got no idea of it. Let the aesthetics tell you everything.

All stuffed toys are arranged on a trailer. It looks cool, in a chaotic way.

The main entrance of the temple, where the night market is located. I like brown light, because it gives the soul to those old monuments.

A boy is selling some kind of cake. I paid 10 bath for two cakes and a smile.

The stalls in the night market. Different sensations, when you cross the border.

The main entrance to enter the stage. Simple fluorescent lights shine on the colourful text, simplicity is the perfection.

The stone gate besides the main entrance. The light makes the stone carving looks mysterious. Serving as a door to mystery.

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Anonymous said...

the colourful light ball i think you could find it in , batuferringi , penang .
your follower.