Wednesday, November 08, 2006

London 1103-1105

Tower Bridge

Gherkin Tower & a castle-like building

'Japan' , Hiroji Kubota Photography Exhibition in front of London City Hall..A damn nice location for doing a exhibition

He is really adorable!

Cool gals at Soho

Tate Modern

'Test Site' by Carsten Holler..

Shadows of me and the slide

Inside Tate Modern

A wonderful place where u could see lots of Comtemporary Art from past to present..

My favourite spot in the gallery..
New York based visual artist, Christian Marclay..

Outside Tate Modern, St.Paul's Church & Millenium Bridge..

View From Millenium Bridge..

Just love the feeling of travelling alone..
No one could ever turn you down and spoil you mood..
Thank god, my dream has come true finally!!!!

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