Saturday, September 08, 2007

Persian B'day..

Just thought that those Persian pastries would be like a decoration beside the lil hookah..
I don't think the 'brand new' 'antique-look' 'old' wooden box had been
put at the right place, at the right time..
Anyway, they completed my 22th birthday..
I have been reminded again..
One step closer..


Just.Hangsing said...

i went throught your blog! Very impressive...Nice write up and photos. Keep it up!

J said...

one step closer to?

*heaven*? Opzzz kidding...

to ... where?


qxorno said...

cant understand the last sentence... reminded again? Is that what I am thinking? about the 21 birthday?

Anonymous said...

but for me .....the wooden box make this pix more perfect...
remind you to do something?then just do it ..i will always be by your side.

your follower.