Thursday, October 04, 2007

A man...

I saw a man.

A bottle in his hand. Headed to a place where consciousness is being mesmerized.
' Don't get too close to reality.' he said.

A passer-by asked for a ciggie from him. He refused it.
'Human beings are selfish.' he said.

Sorrow hided in his eyes, grinning for his life like a comedy.
He thought it would have a happy ending, but everything ended up with a sigh.
'God is the movie director.' he said.

For today's play, he was a drunk clown on the street, entertaining the innocence.


StephyChew said...

cheers le...


^________^'s the job liao?
or still jobless like me?!
jobless wan sui~~

neh said...

don worry be happy

J said...

every happening happens for a reason
taught us for a lesson
teach us to be tougher


i believe you can
*be happie*

emilylah said...

don't get too close to reality.....good...i like...

Anonymous said...

I love the photo most......

dont et too close to reality, some how we are in reality ........

your follower.