Monday, February 02, 2009

Zo Xin Jia Kuih

This is my third time celebrating Chinese New Year here..
somewhere where the festival doesn't seemingly belong to.

I love eating CNY cookies so much.
But I could hardly find it here, especially those which are authentic and traditional.
Even if i could get them, they would probably cost me loads.

S0... I decided to make it myself..

I had been looking up on various kind of recipes from some really great Malaysian food blogs
and a length I made up my mind.
Fortunately, most materials could be found (in Asda or town)..

Cornflakes Cookies (Recipe)

Almond Cookies (Recipe)

Pineapple Tart (Recipe)

Photo from

Pineapple tart is always my favorite!
As a beginner, it was a real challenge for me as I was told that it wasn't easy to do
(the recipe looked simple though). Particularly, making a good one.

I still gave it a shot.

It took me 3-4 hours making the pineapple jam (......).
Unfortunately, it turned out to be too wet (......).
Aanyway, it tasted alright.

I started to have a tough time while wrapping the cookie with the sticky and buttery dough.
It was 10 times harder that what I thought!


They all almost 'run shape'..
I spent some time on getting the hang of making it in a right & better looking shape..
This was the best i could do..


A bit more left after giving out.

Finally, these were what I got ..
It wasn't too shitty, not perfect (Ngam ngam ho lol..)

Simple packaging to make it looked even more delicious LOL.

What I have been enlightened from this lesson:

~I am the 'house' man.
~ Buy a new camera. It should retire now.
~This year I 犯太岁.

(Had too much cookies and I was seriously ill for 3 days. On '30th night', it was the reunion of tablets and 'mi sua' in my stomach. I recovered on the 3rd day and during work, my 5 fingers on my left hand was scalded by boiling water.)

For those who helped me,
Thanks for helping me.


Anonymous said...

wah kewl... i want to makan!


raiz said...

Dear, Happy CNY..Take care..

neh said...

wah lao...i think you shoudl quit design..go into chef are so talented~!!

Stephychew said...

bagi saya la..
thank you~!!

Jasmin said...

nv knew tat u can it's been like few yrs lost contact from u...if coming back pg dun forget 2 call us up...miss ya...

bake more when u back to pg...keke...anyway dun forget to share it wit me...haha...tham chiak...

老人 said...

deep..just know u r so pro to bake cookies...
siao ki...


yammy yammy,...

Anonymous said...

dun have kuih ka pek........
and the white white eh ......

your follower.